Friday, January 14, 2011

Where are pants patterns that fit slim in the legs like RTW?

Here's the iphone app I want: you point it at a RTW pair of pants and it prints out the pattern. Am I the only one with this problem? I cannot find pants patterns that fit without tons of alteration, when I seem to be extremely EASY to fit in RTW. I can even go to a THRIFT STORE and find half a dozen pairs of pants that fit well: slim in the hips and legs, not ridiculously tight on the waist. But patterns?... no way. It's like they're made for a non-existent body type.... tight at the waist and baggy in the legs. Anyone else frustrated with this?

For example: Paired below with my two favorite tops from 2010 is a pair of RTW pants that fit the way I like, same as many others I have in my closet (many from thrift stores):

1. Simplicity 4076: twist tie top review

2. Simplicity 4095: black crossover top review

I wish I could say I sewed these pants. But I didn't. I say "why bother?" It's so darn much work to make them fit. If anyone has advice ... or maybe my mistake is sticking to the big 4? Or is it time to grow up and make a sloper once and for all?

How do you all cope?

p.s. I'd HIGHLY recommend both of those top patterns. Definitely my fav's of the year.


  1. Cute pants! One of my favorite skinny leg pant patterns is from Simplicity. It's Built by Wendy's pant/capri/short pattern, 3850.

    By my measurements, I should sew a size 10 but sewing 2 sizes smaller (6) I get the skinny leg look.

  2. What about taking a pair of rtw pant that fit great, but has seen better days apart and use as your pants pattern.

  3. Oh I wish for the same, snap and print! Your pants looks gorgeous! So pretty!

  4. Nancy Zieman says to use a smaller pants pattern to get the leg fit right & add to the hip if/when necessary.

    I've yet to try it out.

  5. I second the suggestion to take apart a pair that fit you well and use it as a pattern. The sacrifice will be worth it when you have several new pair of great fitting pants.

  6. Thanks for following my blog! I just came by to check yours out and I love your projects! :)

  7. Burdastyle magazine patterns work really well for me.

    Maybe comparing your well-fitting RTW pants to a pattern will give you an idea of where and how much to slim the legs.

  8. I agree with the above suggestions of using a pair you know fits to make your own pattern. If you don't want to cut them up there are tutorials around for making your own pattern without destroying the 'template' pair using tape to get the shapes of the pieces, like described here:

  9. Kenneth King has a class at craftsy which shows how to get your own pattern from a well fitting pair of pants, without taking it apart. The class is on sale this week for $25 and has super great reviews..

    Maybe that can help you get a well fitting pattern out of your fav. pants?


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