Sunday, January 2, 2011

What kind of dressform do you use (or wish for)... Anyone make one with duct tape?

I'm shopping for a new dressform... considering this PGM (looks like a Wolf but less expensive)??? Christine at Just Keep Sewing is also shopping for a form and received lots of good advice in the comments to her post.

Here's my vintage lady. She's not the prettiest thing, but she works well. Problem is, she stayed home in Washington, she's not here in Florida with me now, and I miss her. I've considered wrapping myself in duct tape and making a dummy that way (my bf and I saw a video and he's all enthused about doing the wrapping). Have any of you made a duct tape dummy... or have thoughts about other dress forms?


  1. I've been wanting a dressform for years. The standard ones don't come in my oddball size. I've been toying with the idea of a duct tape version, but have no-one to wrap me. Threads magazine had articles on this, and possibly they have information on their site. From what I remember - the results were very good. I wish you luck - just be careful you don't end-up encased in duct tape for life!

  2. I have been considering this question since shortly after I began sewing. I want a dress form but I don't want to buy the wrong thing. When I bought my serger I went top of the line and I am SO glad I did. I'll have that thing for a very long time and it does everything I need.

    My concern with buying custom made is that I'm likely to change in size and proportion over the next 20 years (of course, I'll only get more slender and willowy :-))

    I too wonder about the need for arms and legs. My limbs are pretty "standard" - neither very skinny nor big. I don't have many fitting challenges with them. On the other hand, fitting one's ass and boobs - and shoulder width - I think those are the really key measurements.

    Keep us posted!

  3. I have a Uniquely You dressform, and LOOOOVE it. It comes with a cover that you fit to yourself. Then you zip it over your lady, and viola- great match. :-)

  4. I tried a duct tape one... but I never used it much. First off, it was flimsy/wobbly. So, if you try it, figure out a way to build some sort of sturdy stand. Secondly, I had trouble with the stuffing--- I wanted to stuff it firm enough so that it wouldn't crush, but after sitting for a day or two, the bottom would pop out and stuffing would fall all over. Then, I would re-stuff, but it was never exactly the same twice... BUT if you could figure out a stand, and secure the openings well, it's nice that it replicates your proportions.

    I just got my first "real" dress form in December--a Singer. And I am in love. :)

  5. I've got a duct tape one and it's great. Nice and cheap but it takes a lot to stuff it- mine is stuffed with two duvets. It doesn't have it's own stand, but thats useful for storing it. And it fits perfectly on top of a cheap ikea stool I have.
    I have a bad habit of sticking pins in her though, so I have to keep two piles of pins and clean the sticky ones with eukalyptus oil.
    One thing I wish was better about mine though is around the arms it's a bit big, so if/when I make another I'd be more careful about that.


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