Sunday, January 2, 2011

Slipcover is finished... no "exceptfors", plus skirting details

I finally finished the final "exceptfors" on this slipcover: the two back box cushions and the piped faux pleated skirt. The photo below shows the skirt. It's 9 inches long and is attached a couple inches below the seat level.

What I mean by "faux" pleats is: The skirt is one long stretch of piping that goes all the way around the piece. Attached to it are 6 lined skirt flaps: 2 in front, 2 in back, 1 on each side. Behind the gap in front and on the corners is a little 7 inch skirt piece placed "behind" the skirt gap to make it look like it's pleated

Here's the front pleat.

 This shows the center front pleat also, showing the back of the skirt, made from a white sheet.
 Here's the corner faux pleat.

...which brings me to my next project: The wicker ottoman in this next picture is going to become a little coffee table/foot rester. In the photo, the natural bull denim (same as the slipcover) is simply draped over it. My plan is to make a new boxed, piped cushion for the ottomon. My first thought was to use the offwhite denim, but ...
 then I test draped it with this barkcloth below (white background with green leaves and red flowers) and Oooo la la, I fell in love with it.

This little wicker couch below is another "next project". I'm debating what to cover it in (it has some pretty bamboo print covers ... not shown ... that I like ... but they're a little worn). I think I'll do a mixture of off-white denim for seat cushions and somehow use that gorgeous hibiscus fabric. I just have 3/4 yard of it that I brought home from an AWESOME store "Stearns and Harris" in Tampa. (I'll write more about that store in another post). I want to go back and get the whole bolt, and either make back cushions out of it, or just throw pillows.

And one parting picture of my new little loveseat. (It feels good to finish a project that I dragged my feet for well over a year to even start.

The act of finishing something is filled with energy, a form of inertia, positive momentum. It makes me feel like I'm on a roll, ready to dive in a tackle another project. It feels good. 


  1. Congratulations on your slipcover finish! You really did a beautiful job on it.

  2. That is just an amazing job! I admire your talent. What a transformation!!

  3. Wow, this has been fascinating to watch and a true treasure for your home. You are so right, finishing a big project like this is worth enjoying. Be proud of your ingenuity and hard work....that's a whole lotta fabric and cording to be manipulating. And having a blog record of it makes it that much more "real."

  4. Wow! What a fantastic job you did!

  5. Fantstic job and not one I would want to tangle! I love the green accent colors. It bringds the outside, in.

  6. Wow! The loveseat looks amazing! I'll be referring to your pictures to get myself motivated from time to time. Oh - and that big print looks absolutely gorgeous.

  7. It looks fantastic! Having recovered our lounge suite three times myself I KNOW what a big task this is. You did an amazing job.

  8. The couch cover looks so good! I also love the colors you have chosen with the greens and one floral pillow...and the bark cloth...I would have fallen in love with that one too.


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