Saturday, January 1, 2011

6 Beachy Dresses ... How to choose the right (non-dowdy) length.

After so much cold weather, it's finally warm enough to come out from under the layers of fleece and head to the beach in one of the 6 beach-worthy dresses I made this fall. I debate about which length looks best. What do y'all think about lengths? (The 2 black dresses seem the most dowdy???).
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1. Blue TShirt Dress - McCalls 2460 - link
2. Blue Print Halter Maxi - (refashioned skirt/shirt) - Butterick 5181 - link
3. Flowered Short Dress (refashioned men's Hawaiian shirt) - McCalls 5094 link
4. 18 Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress LBD - Burda Mag 09-2008-132 - link
5. Black Hawaiian Halter Dress - (refashioned wrap skirt) - McCalls 6071 - link
6. Coral Halter Dress - McCalls 3584- link


  1. Whoo, these are all lovely! I'm adoring the bright colours and prints! I think my favourites are the bright blue one, second from left, and the red one at far right, equally. I think it's the elegance of that length, combined with that lovely wide halter neck. But I also really like the black print, second from right. Beautiful work!

  2. They are all great on you. They all work so go with what makes you feel happiest.

  3. I hope you'll be wearing all of these at some point. They are all fabulous, but my favorite and the one I'd choose for my first beach outing would be the coral one on the far right. I think I like the longer lengths. That said, I think the solid black looks great, not dowdy at all. It's my second favorite.

  4. They're all beautiful and you look wonderful wearing them. I love the brightness of the florals of the blue and orange long versions....but the love the solid black length looks wonderful. Have a tropical treat and enjoy!

  5. What a wonderful selection of dresses! As to which length works best, I think it depends on the cut of the dress and where you plan to wear it. The shortest one, which is my favorite, to me looks the least beachy, more likely to be worn in town, on a date or doing errands. But ya know, I am a LONG way from any beach and am pretty clueless as to current waterside trends!


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