Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Project Boom Boom Room

We're living amidst the upheaval of construction... the rebuilding of the Boom Boom Room (what B calls our 3-season porch at the back of the house. He's tearing down and rebuilding two of the walls, and installing a pair of French Doors on each wall.  (There's a sewing aspect to this post... I promise)

Why the rebuild? Big reason: the roof leaked and destroyed the ceiling. In a couple weeks, a new roof is being installed. 
In the meantime, all the wicker furniture that usually sits out there is shoved in the living room, including  this wicker couch.  My part of the project will be the recovering the cushions of the wicker furniture. It'll be in white with splashes of this gorgeous barkcloth fabric.

Here, B is oiling the wood he'll install on the walls. 

 ... and the oiled wood dries

I'll keep you posted on the progress.


  1. Nice! Which part of Florida are you in?

  2. Hi Anita, your new room is going to be so charming with all that wood. Something I would love. The surfer fabric comes in two colorways and I found it at Harts Fabric online. Hope they still have some for you!


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