Saturday, January 8, 2011

I need help!! ... deciding on pattern and how to finish long edges of camel coat.

I'm debating between 3 McCalls patterns: 3448, 5987, 6209 to make a drapey, floaty coat out of this camel colored fleece. I'm looking for opinions... And ideas on how to clean finish the long front edge and hem of this polar fleece. (I've not made something like this before...)

Looking on pattern review, I'm leaning toward 5987, a pattern that's been made up beautifully by several gals:

Cozy winter white by Meg

Sharon's in a camel color. On her blog she includes a great tip on how to make a mitered corner by stitching on the diagonal. And she shows various ways of wearing this versatile coat.

Chic Black Wool by Nancy

Fresh, pretty green wool by Annie

Gray polar fleece by Claire, who uses a beautiful finish she calls a "Greek stitch", which I've not seen before, but it surely looks lovely.
I'd sure appreciate help in deciding on the pattern and how to finish the edges. I assume this beautiful greek stitch requires a more modern machine than I have???


  1. What if you used hem-tape or lace in a contrasting color? Or would that show too much? (I can't tell from the pattern.)

  2. 5987 definitely gets my vote. So stylish! My machine has that stitch. It's a Brother CS-6000, purchased 5+ years ago at Wal-Mart, of all places.

  3. I love 5987 so much. I've had it in my stash for a while, but don't know what fabric to use for it.

  4. I think a coat 5987 would be very elegant in the camel color you've chosen. I'd vote for that one.

  5. I think the 5987 is just lovely, and your fabric will be prefect for this. Good luck! I've never heard of Greek stitch before, but it looks a bit like an overlocked edge, which has then been turned under and topstitched.

  6. Hi Anita! I think the greek seam looks fantastic, will really work on a fleec fabric!!!!!But if it is too complicated, I would go for a clean finish instead.

    Just stumbled across your blog- it is truly great! I wonder if you would allow me to feature this blog on mine- Juliette's Sewing and Style Den and if maybe you could check it out and add it to the blog list too? I only started blogging a few month ago and trying to spread the word a bit. Thank you. Juliette

  7. Thanks everyone for helping me choose. I decided on 5987, and I just cut it out. It looks like it'll be uber-easy... just the decision on how to clean finish all those long edges. Thanks for all the ideas on how to do that too.


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