Tuesday, September 11, 2012

West Elm Knock Off: Gray Striped Shower Curtain

This is a knock-off I made of a Sriped Shower curtain I saw at West Elm and had to have. I made it by piecing together 10" strips cut from gray and white sheets. You probably don't need an explanation of how I did it, it's so basic, but here it is, as long as I took the pictures.

Below is the West Elm curtain. It'd certainly be more fun to have an old fashioned tub like this, but alas. (That's why I keep mine closed, so you don't see how un-stylish my tub is)

The sheets are twin flats ($5 at Walmart). It's wierd how the shade of gray varies in all the pics I took... if you want to see exactly the color you'd get, or pick a different color... just bop in to WalMart. I clipped them on with Levolor clip on ring dingees to hang them to little hooks. I have since picked up a Deka curtain WIRE from IKEA with much smaller cliprings that I'm going to re-install this with.

I wanted the curtain a little longer than the standard shower curtain so I could hang it a little higher, like curtains in general are being hung higher recently. So I cut 10 inch wide strips. 5 gray and 4 white.

Then sewed them together with 1/2 inch seams resulting in 9" finished strips x 9 total strips= 81 inches total before hemming.

I'm delighted with the result... especially since this bathroom is on the main level of the house and is visible from a certain angle from the living room ...

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