Friday, October 15, 2010

New Look 6038: top for my dressform

My dressform is always wearing garments for me, so I decided it was time to make something just for her. Here it is: a funnel-neck top, pattern New Look 6038, view C.
Made of a cotton/lycra with lots of stretch, here it is on her... obviously I lengthened it, and eliminated the sleeves since she doesn't have arms, and sew'd the armholes up. Doesn't she look smooth and sleek?

...and doesn't she look nice modeling a garment ...

The reason I made this top was because ... well ... let's face it ... she's an old girl, vintage. Her exterior shell just isn't as pretty as it once was (ahem ... look who's talking.) ... I wanted to cover her with fabric for two reasons: to have fabric to pin to, and so she'd look prettier as a model. With no cover, she looks a little tattered under the garment. (and there's no fabric to poke pins into)

My first effort was to simply cut the sleeves off a turtleneck and have her wear that, which worked pretty well.

But with certain garments with lower necklines (like this little black dress, it looks like the dress is a jumper being worn over a white turtleneck, which isn't the look I had in mind.

But with the new top, she looks smooth and sleek. (She needs a string of pearls, don't you think?)

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