Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gray hoodie for WW, KwikSew 2234 /view A

I just finished a polar fleece hoodie for WW. (It's about time I made something for him, given all that he does for me!) Right this minute, he's down in the shop building me a new African marimba our of African paduak wood. So far, he's cut each of the keys to length, measured and drilled the holes and is now rough cutting the undercut on the band saw.

Back to the hoodie... It's from KwikSew 2234 view A, minus the pocket and lengthened a few inches. It was extremely easy and KwikSew has such good instructions.

...with the hood up (WW vetoed the idea of a string tie through the hoodie)

The marimba keys so far...

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