Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Flowered Dress: McCalls 5094

Just in time for Florida, I just finished a new little short sundress.
It's made from a narrowed skirt version of McCalls 5094 View B. It took forever to get it to fit right. I'm frustrated with cutting out the size that matches my measurements, and then having to take it in so much before it fits ... Alterations: I made the skirt narrower and shorter, and the band is 1 inch narrower. I made the bodice front a little higher. Then it gaped a bit, so I modified it till it quit gaping, and also added a ruching band. I put elastic inside the shoulder straps so they hug my shoulder a little better.

And for the fabric: a refashioned XXlarge Campshirt (by Liz and me) I picked up for free at a yard sale after the sale when everything was free. In this pic, I've already cut off the sleeves and collar ... then arranged them for the pic.

Close-up: The bodice front was cut from the sleeves, the skirt from the back of the shirt...
And the button front went on the back. (I would have cut around the buttons, but I couldn't get the skirt piece to fit, so I had to decide: front buttons or back buttons ... eenie meenie miny mo). There wasn't enough flowered fabric for the band and the bodice back, so I used a black rib knit (which turned out to be another bonus ... I didn't need a zipper ... with the stretch in the waistband, it fits over my head no problem.

Oops. It's good I have a photo of the back. Those buttons gape. I'll sew them shut. It's not like they're usable... Also in the back... I evidentally have sway back issues. They showed as a blob at the horizontal back seam. I took that in a bit, and it was resolved.


  1. Looks nice... perfect for warm weather! Enjoy Florida!

  2. A lovely dress for warm weather.


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