Monday, October 18, 2010

Navy Striped Bateau Collar: Burda 02-2009-108

Bateau neck top from Burda 02-2009-108. This has been reviewed 34 times on Who doesn't love a boat neck, and I saw so many cute ones out there, so thought I'd try it (and look tres-nautical) with this lovely navy stripe cotton/lycra.

Here's the model photo. (Jeesh... what an unnaturally thin model. Those kind of shots may sell patterns as we imagine ourselves looking like this with our finished product ... only to be disappointed. That's what I like about ... you see garments on REAL people)

I made my neckline an inch narrower and the overall length a couple inches shorter (that's all the fabric I had ... and my favorite hobby is seeing what I can squeeze out of a piece of fabric) I'd really prefer the top to be 4 inches longer than it is.

I need to get a photo of myself in the top because I need to ask for some help with fit issue under the arms (excess fabric in front of the sleeve). Other than that (and in spite of that), I like the top.

1 comment:

  1. This top is really cute in the fabric you chose. I totally agree with you about Pattern Review. It's so much nicer to see the clothes on real people rather than walking clothes hangers with perfect lighting.


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