Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handsewn Christmas Carolers

I'm filled with nostalgia every time I bring out these carolers that I made so many Christmases ago. I lost the pattern long ago and internet searches came up empty-handed. (If any of you have the pattern, or come across it, please let me know). These little guys (and my mom's manger scene) are the only Christmas decorations that made the cut list of things to tote down here to Florida now that I spend Christmases here.

Several of the fabrics came from leftover scraps from garments I had made, so the little carolers bring back memories that way too. All the carolers are simple dolls made of tubes for arms and legs, rectangles for body, and a rounded shape for the head with handpainted faces and yarn hair. They are supported by wooden dowels.

1. The little boy sports a hat and matching sweater that match a cardigan I made out of a sweater knit. His dark gray wool pants match a skirt I used to have, and block cuffs that match a coat.

2. The little girl's brown tweed skirt matches one I used to have. She wears a black velvet coat. Her violin is a Christmas ornament and her brooch is a button.

3. Papa in his full head of black hair wears a dark gray coat with a sewn-on cape and a black wool top hat, light gray pants and a bright red felt scarf.

 4. Momma in her golden curly hair (that matches her daughter) is decked out in a burgandy herringbone skirt (that matches one of mine of course), a green velvet cape coat, a lacey jabot at the neck, a button brooch and pearl earrings.
I love Christmas caroling, and have thought how fun it would be to dress in Victorian costume. I lead a bedside singing group at Suncoast Hospice here in Pinellas County. We sing through-out the year for bedridden hospice patients. Over the holidays, we carol at various facilities. Tonight we'll be sharing holiday songs at Brookside Hospice in Palm Harbor.
So... from me and my little family of carolers, I wish to all of you a Very Merry Christmas and the Happiest, healthiest, Sewingest year ahead.

p.s. and oh yes ... What handmade item are YOU nostalic about???


  1. Your carolers are absolutely adorable! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. These are just beautiful, no wonder you love them so!!
    In answer to your question, well, I just have to be totally alone when I am taking a photograph! As you observed, I would feel terribly silly if anyone were to see me, so there are no passersby observing me to give any sort of response!! I only go and set up in lonely places... luckily I live in a very quiet area


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