Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Simplicity 9513 lengthened into a long cozy dressing gown

 I just finished this floor length dressing gown for a Christmas gift for my bf's mother.

Since I didn't have any sort of nightgown pattern, I used Simplicity 9513 View E, lengthened to 56 1/2 inches and with modifications.

The last time we visited my bf's sweet mother, she asked if I would mend her favorite dressing gown. She said it's her favorite gown, as she likes to be warm and cozy drinking her coffee in the morning. So I took her existing gown home (the red one below) to mend, and then had a template for her exact sizing.
 I copied the sizing and the styling of her fav, with a standup collar, side seam pockets, a front zip that stopped 7 inches below the front neckline, adding a ribbon tie at the neck. I used a leopard print polar fleece.

It's long and warm and cozy.

I hope she likes it.


  1. Wow, it looks so coozy. I really want one. she's so lucky

  2. That's the perfect Christmas gift, thoughtful, personal and comfortable. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas....and we'll have to make plans to meet up after the New Year!

  3. How can she not like it? Looks absolutely fabulous (and definitely cozy).

  4. You must have a lovely mother to sew this lovely long gown for her!
    Happy Christmas!!!!

  5. I hope she feels suitably spoilt. What a lovely gift, and I love how you sneakily took her sizing from her mending! (You are also very noble to do other people's mending)


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