Thursday, December 2, 2010

Loveseat slipcover

I've finally gotten a start of the loveseat slipcover. I've been dragging my feet. I washed and ironed the fabric a year ago. The hard part now is just getting started: figuring out where all the parts are. Do I have the right zippers? Enough welting? Here's my inspiration... I love this roomBut mine is just a love seat, more like the second photo.

My fabric is "natural bull denim" so it won't be as bright a white as the photos above, more like the next two...

Here's the actual fabric draped over the couch which has bright white sheets on it. So it's natural color. I will bleach it again after I've made the pieces to get it a little lighter. (I'm not going to slipcover the couch. B. wants to toss this and get a new sectional for the living room and this little loveseat can be tucked in to the bedroom or the office... loveseats are so versatile) but he's sick of the couch... has had it so long.Before shot. Here it is. Very Very worn out.
I'd like to make the back a tiny bit taller... not THIS tall... halfway between the two, I think.
Another decor "maybe". I might paint the white frame black. Any opinions out there. I have two of these big pictures on the walls and it's a bit too whitey white. But hmmmm. Not sure.
I see that I have plenty of welting ... I'd made 14 yards of it last year, before the project stopped. Plus I have lots of feet of "make your own zipper" with enough zipper pulls.


  1. I'll be interested to read along as you do this. Your fabric and plan are going to make your winter home so pretty. Thanks for the YouTube info etc on slipcovers. I'll be sure to look at them when I return in the spring. Oh, if we ever leave. Another 2 inches of snow this morning, total is 11 I think. sigh.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished product - or progress, whichever you choose to post first. LOVE your inspiration pictures. You're getting me motivated. I have a room that I painted almost a year ago, but have done no "decorating" to. Slowly, but surely, it's been turning into the dog's room, and that is not the reason it got painted! My room! Time to move on it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Mary... I hope you get out from under the snow very soon. Driving in it will be tricky. Be very careful and have a wonderful trip.

    Irene... Funny you say the room has turned into the "dog's room". This has been the dog's loveseat up till now. Afterwards, it still will be, but covered with three quilts first.

  4. I love your plans for the love seat. I so wish I were brave enough to tackle my much worn couch. If I could do work like yours I think I'd like my old stuff better than new stuff I could buy. Thinking about getting some books to study, any suggestions???

  5. I am very pleased to have found your blog, you are very funny and (if I may say so) you have a lot of art in your hands. I love your plans with that room and I'm following you through the process of your sofa

  6. This is a very big project! Good luck and looking forward to the finished product.

  7. This is a major project and getting the goods and plan right will really help it finish professionally. I'll keep checking in :)


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