Saturday, November 6, 2010

Coral halter dress: McCalls 3584

We arrived in Florida after a looooong drive on Monday. I finally got my sewing studio re-setup two days ago, and started working on this dress, which I'd started a few weeks ago, and brought along. I had delayed finishing it, because I was having fitting woes, which have only been partially resolved.

...from McCalls 3584 ... View B.

Close-up shows bodice detail, pleats on under bodice and upper skirt, and droopy waistband. (The droop in the waistband is still bothering me)

Back View... I like the halter ties and the swoopy low back.

Fitting Woes: Whenever I cut a pattern to match my full bust, I cut 14, which then is loose above and below. But Palmer/Pletsch say to measure the UPPER bust with a sloping tape like this photo. If I do that, I'd cut a 12. I'm going to try that on my next pattern and see if that helps.

Another View. I lengthened it several inches from the pattern, and now I'm debating if it is frumpy looking at this length???


  1. Yikes, Anita, I am such a slacker. We got in Friday night and I'm still cleaning, shopping and unpacking. And you are sewing wonderful clothes already! I need a nap just from reading your blog:-)
    As for your questions, I would think you are definitely a 12 at the shoulder line with probably a FBA. Heck, I'm a 14 upper bust so I don't think we're the same size. As for the length, I love the shorter length on you. I think the mid calf length looks good with your heels but think the shorter length shows off your curves and proportions better. You may notice some imagined "flaw" but trust me, your happy smile and beauty are awfully strong distractions.
    OK, now it's back to unloading and organizing before I can get into my sewing space. Glad you had a safe trip and are enjoying this wonderful sunshine.

  2. Yes, I absolutely know for a fact that using the upper bust measurement will work with a better fit through the neck and shoulder area. I only ever use that measurement for my upper body to buy a pattern. Of course you will have to adjust for a wider waist or hips (if needed) but the inconvenience of that is small compared to having to adjust the neck/shoulder area.
    I have a feeling the droopiness at the side of your midriff piece is just excess fabric, the pattern piece is just too big for your body in that place. It's a really pretty dress though.


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