Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bamboo Wrap Skirt: Self-Drafted Pattern

I made this over a year ago with no pattern and I like how it turned out as far as a wrap skirt is concerned. I thought I'd review it to explain the "how to" to anyone interested. You don't need an official pattern for a wrap skirt. I actually have 3 wrap skirt patterns. They all put darts at the waist and all have side seams. When I was contemplating using a pattern, I just wrapped the fabric around my waist, and say, "Heck, this will work fine.". I find I don't need darts or side seams for this style worn down on my hips (2 inches below waist). (there's no curve there to dart around about).

Another reason I'm reviewing this is because I'm saying goodbye to this skirt. I'm going to be taking the scissors to it. It's going to become a pencil skirt.

Why? Because as much as I like the Polynesian look of a wrap skirt, I have two complaints about them in general (for my lifestyle).

(1) I'm in a marimba band, and when I wore this for a gig, the skirt wanted to flap open and show too much. So I think I'd do better with a faux wrap that is REALLY closed underneath.

(2) I'm no longer fond of wearing my blouses "tucked into" my skirts, and when I wear this with a slim fitting top OVER my skirt, the knot makes for a big bump at the side waist. I'd rather have a smooth tummy area.

Review for
Pattern Description: Self-drafted wrap skirt

Full flattened view of skirt wide open

Side view showing ties untied.

How to Sew:

This photo shows the skirt folded in half.

It is a simple rectangle with two ties added on. The tie on the front part is 5 inches below the "waistband". That allows you to fold under 5 inches of "skirt" thus making the front part of the wrap a little shorter than the back, so it looks drapy. The back added tie is very long (so photo) and it is attached 2 inches below the waistband, so that skirt part is also folded under. When you tie it tight, the waistband stays in place fine... my only complaint, as I said is ALL WRAP skirts flap open and have a bump where the tie is.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I might do this again with another piece of fabric. And I'd recommend it if you like the look of a wrap skirt, especially, eg. over a bathing suit. ... or if you like your top "tucked in" to your skirt.

Conclusion: Goodbye wrap skirt ... and hello something new. ... Stay tuned

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  1. Thanks for the skirt tutorial-always good to know how to make a quick skirt for those of us who travel a lot. I really enjoyed hearing the marimba music-what a great way to enjoy yourself!


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