Saturday, November 20, 2010

Batik Capri Pants: Simplicity 7185

Here's my Burda Magazine pose of my batik capri pants ... (meaning a pose where you can barely see the garment ... you just get a general "feel" for the "idea" of the garment.). I used a shortened version of Simplicity 7185, with modifications.

I just read a helpful tutorial on patternreview on taking better fashion photos. (I'm trying to find the link, but can't... I'll keep looking and add it soon). The author/photographer says to have to have your photo "tell a story", and to NOT have just a blank wall as your background.

Another tip: include bold accent colors ... thus the pink PINK PINK.

Daisy always wants to be in every photo shoot, and I'm forever shooing her away, but sweet girl that she is, gets to be in this one, getting her back scratched, of course.

This close-up shows how I changed the construction of the waistband area. The pattern calls for a facing with interfacing and zipper. Instead, I put elastic at the waist. I made the waist just big enough to fit over my hips if I wiggle into them, (the pants fit 1 1/2 inches below the waist, so it's already a bit wider at the top than a waistband that fits at the waist ... and I am pretty straight in the hip ... so I didn't need a zipper. Then I added a 5/8 inch casing to the top, and inserted elastic. There's only a tiny bit of stretch. It doesn't look like "elastic waist pants".


  1. Those are really cute. I just ordered some zebra print stretch cotton...should I try for some capris made of that? Are you enjoying your winter? We are at 32F right now as the sun sets, and more snow is on the way. Today a friend and I were riding in the indoor arena. Ice was slipping down the metal roof and crashing onto the windowsill (no glass-just open). My Arab/TB was beside himself. We had quite a training ride.

    sewing-I love all your casual pieces and am looking forward to seeing what you make next.

  2. What wonderfully fitting pants and terrific pics. Yes, you've mastered the Burda photo shoot perfectly. Daisy knows her part as well:-)

  3. Thanks for finding your way to my blog. Lovely capris! I'm jealous - all I'm thinking these days when choosing fabric, is whether it will be warm enough, so that I don't have to wear too many layers to keep warm.

  4. Hi Anita. Thank you for visiting my blog. You'll find the pattern for the flippy skirt at the beginning of that post. I've been looking through your blog and I like your spirit. I'll be back. Love those pants. Lucky you . we here in Eastern Canada are just starting to feel like winter may be around the corner.

  5. Thanks for commenting about my Lady Gray coat. Wow, I can't believe I've never seen your blog before. I'm always searching for new ones. I really like the tropical feel of your blog and styles, so I'm linking right up. Glad to meet you too!

  6. Thankyou for your thoughtful comment on my blog!
    Those are pretty cute pants... and I love your Burda magazine fashion pose! Too true, about the photo giving merely a feel for a garment without giving too much away... sometimes we discover that at cost, do we not?
    But yours look great!


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