Monday, January 17, 2011

Green Pepper Socks F890

A quick, easy and warm project... fleece socks. And these Green Pepper's fit perfectly. By BF is delighted, bundled up (on, yes, this is Florida) in a hat, fleece jacket, and now fleece socks.

They took maybe 25 minutes to sew. (After my BF traced his size off the pattern and cut out the fabric)

1. Sew the heel seam
2. Topstitch the heel seam with zigzag stitching. (The pattern calls for polyester thread so it stretches and all I had was the green)
3. Sew the seam that attaches the bottom heel section to the top. (couldn't be easier!!!)
4. Optionally, you can add binding to the top, but my BF said they stay up just fine unfinished.

Thanks to my PR friends, including Jane at Lucky Sew and Sew for singing the praises of how easy this pattern is and how well it fits. All true! Truly an easy, practical, well-fitting pattern!


  1. Wow - I never thought of making fleece socks... What a great gift idea!

  2. Oooh. Those look so cozy. Your bf looks like he's dressed for the weather we're having in New England today (low 30s, snow and freezing rain) not Florida! :)

  3. Wow, those are pretty fun. I didn't realize there were non-knitting sock patterns out there. Those would make great gifts.

  4. Oh, what a great idea! I'll have to look for this pattern. They do look fabulously warm and comfy.

  5. That could be a good Christmas gift (in the next Christmas). I hope your boyfriend thanks you profusely, LOL

  6. These do look a lot easier and quicker than knitting socks, like I do! Well done!

  7. Cool socks and must add to my pattern list. Joanns carry that pattern line, but never gave it a second look. I wonder if I could use that pattern to make socks using left over poly-lycra fabric.

  8. So glad you liked that great little pattern. And I love the new blog title look. Definitely cool weather here in FL but much nicer than being up north this past week!


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